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During the 8+ years that Michigan biophysicist W.C. Levengood was an active participant in the BLT Research Team, more than 100 Lab Reports were written presenting the results of his plant and/or soil research on crop formations in the U.S.A, Canada, England, Germany, Israel and the Netherlands. Copies of these reports were sent out to the farmers and land-owners on whose properties the formations had been found, as well as to the BLT field-sampling teams who carried out the fieldwork in each case, to interested local media, and to many other individuals who requested them. Some of them are posted on various fieldworker's web-sites around the world, and we are working on posting a number of them here which illustrate the primary plant and/or soil abnormalities Levengood documented over the years.

Since 2001 a number of other scientists have become consultants to the BLT Team and these scientists have produced reports which are being posted below, the most recently completed at the top of the page (see also: Much of the new work concentrates on examinations of the soils, but new laboratory examinations of plant alterations are also being carried out.

BLT Research Report #1301
Hydromagnesite In Conjunction with SE Asian Insects & Crop Circles

Two Indonesian insects appear in Holland in January, 2010--one inside a Dutch home, coated with a hydromagnesite powder which closely matches a control sample from Alfa Aesar Laboratory. The following January (2011) the first two crop circles in Indonesia are reported.

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"Stone" Deposited by 1998 Golabki, Poland UFO
Proven to be Vitrified Soil

One of multiple "stones" found where a brilliant, slowly-descending
UFO landed in rural Poland, analyzed by EDS, SEM and FT-IR is
shown to be soil liquified by intense heat--but not soil from
the field in which UFO landed.

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BLT Research Report #1101
First Scientific Proof of Burned Plants Found in a 2010 Dutch Crop Circle

For the first time FT-IR analysis clearly shows blackened
crop circle seed-heads are not due to the opportunistic
fungus Ustilago (as has ususally been the case in
the past), but have actually been burned.

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99.99% Pure Magnesium Carbonate Found
in a 2010 Dutch Circle

A highly-refined white powder which has been repeatedly
discovered in crop circles (also in conjunction with
other anomalous events) in southern Holland
is examined by FT-IR and ICP-MS.

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BLT Research Report #0502
2002 B.C., Canada, Blackened Maize Plants

Blackened areas of downed corn stalks are shown by IR
spectroscopy to be caused by the common fungus, Ustilago.

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2003 Vinje, Snasa, Norway "Ice Pictogram"

14m-long "pictogram" formed by ice 2-3 cm high by 30 cm. wide on the surface of the grass in December.

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A few of the early lab reports (originally prepared on the typewriter) have been posted here. Others will be posted as time & funding permit:

1997 Maryland (USA) Control Study

This study examines the effects of over-fertilization of wheat and subsequent manual flattening throughout the growing season.
July, 1995: E. Meon "Crescents" (UK)

A classic demonstration of node-length increase and expulsion cavity incidence in flattened crop across the formation.
June, 1997: Salem, Oregon (USA)

Node-length increases found in flattened crop and in standing crop outside formation; Beer-Lambert Principle applicable here.
June, 1995: Blueball, Maryland (USA)

Two non-geometrically downed areas with associated light phenomena and compass deviations noted at site; 203% increase in in node-length found.
July, 1996: Littlebury Green (U.K.)

Node-length increases in both standing and downed crop within formation; increased growth-rate (up to 120%) as compared to controls.
August, 1996: Logan, Utah (USA)

Node-length increases and expulsion cavities found; repressed seedling growth. Exploratory XRD exam of clay-minerals in soils indicates increased crystallinity.

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August, 1997: Marion, New York (USA)

Linear deposition of magnetic particles in soils, both inside flattened circles and outside flattened areas.
Sept, 1996: Rocanville, Sask. (CANADA)

Linear deposition of magnetic particles in soils along North/South radii only; uniform distribution of particles along other radii.
Sept, 1999: Midale, Sask. (CANADA)

Linear deposition of magnetic particles in soils, along all four sampled radii; node-length increases; battery drainage of Geiger Counter in circle.
July, 1997: Assen-Zuid, Holland (NETHERLANDS)

Node-length decreases, germination abnormalities, and a deposited, white silicate substance w/multiple glassy beads in situ.
July, 1998: Cherhill, Wiltshire (U.K.)

Increased node-lengths, decreased seed weights & increased seedling growth in standing-plant centers; multiple dead insects adhering to standing plants within circles.
May, 2000: Klein-Kedingshagen (GERMANY)

Node-length increases, expulsion cavities, increased amounts of magnetic material in soils; greatest node-length increase in smallest circles.
Sept, 1999: Edmonton, Alberta (CANADA)

Node-length increases (highest in smallest circle), expulsion cavities in all nodes (seen here for the first time), magnetic material in soils.

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July, 1996: "Julia Set," Stonehenge (U.K.)

Reduced seed weights and evidence of mitochondrial damage; germination abnormalities and clear "spillover" effect into standing crop outside formation.

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