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Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.

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- PART 1 -

August 4, 2009 - Partially materialized (?) "UFO" photographed at Zavenbergen
crop circle field -- first of three sequential shots, using Nancy's camera.
Photo: Robbert v/d Broeke

The summer of 2009 has been noteworthy for crop circle enthusiasts. In Great Britain, where the largest number -- and consistently most elaborate -- crop formations continue to appear, many of the circles were both huge (one spectacular example at Milk Hill estimated to be approximately 1500 ft. long) and incredibly intricate (for photos of British formations, see:

And, although of a more modest scale and appearance (with consequently less attention directed toward them), the 2009 crop formations around the village of Hoeven in southern Holland were notable also (see Dutch circles here: -- but perhaps more because of the phenomenal photos taken in and around them than for their size or intricate designs. Six formations appeared in three fields (two at Standdaarbuiten and one at Zavenbergen) all within 10-15 miles of Hoeven, the home of Robbert van den Broeke -- the only person yet known who consistently and reliably "sees" crop circles as they are forming in fields in his general area (for more about Robbert, see:

And it is Robbert who took (in the same manner as he has many others: the anomalous photos in this report -- not using just his own camera, nor only mine -- but using multiple cameras belonging to many different witnesses, each of whom stood by watching as Robbert took these photos out in the crop circle fields.

July 27, 2009 - Light-ball "UFO" photographed by Robbert
at Standdaarbuiten crop circle field with DCCA researcher
Peter Vanlaerhoven's camera.

Because the majority of anomalous photos taken by Robbert in 2009 appear to represent UFOs, and because in the past he has not generally associated crop circles with UFOs, some background needs to be presented.


The first time I heard Robbert seriously raise the question as to whether UFOs might be involved in some way with some crop circles was in 2001, after he and I had witnessed three brilliant tubes of light shoot down from the sky into a bean-field behind his house, creating a new crop circle ( As we were leaning on the fence at the back of his yard the following night, just looking at the new formation, he suddenly turned to me and said "do you think this one was UFO-related?" I had been wondering the same thing, in spite of the fact that Robbert and I had both, previously, been certain that the circle phenomenon -- whatever it was -- was not related to UFOs.

Although neither of us was particularly well-informed about UFOs they seemed, to both of us (and in my case related partially to a first-hand close encounter I had when I was about 14 years old), frightening and very possibly threatening, associated with ideas of helplessness and/or exploitation. What little media commentary we'd heard regarding UFOs not only predictably ridiculed the subject, it also consistently imbued the idea of UFOs with fearfulness and/or a suspicion of hostile intent, regardless of the actual facts of any particular incident.

And Robbert and I were as certain then, as we are today, that whatever it is that is going on with the crop circles is not fear-based, but the absolute opposite. Hence our conclusion that UFOs had nothing to do with crop circles...and our subsequent confusion when we realized we were BOTH wondering about possible UFO-involvement in the 2001 "tubes of light" incident in the field out behind his house.

Robbert had, from time to time previously, told me about experiencing a sensation of flying through the air, or of "looking down" and seeing a crop circle forming in a field below him and -- once -- I recall him telling me about an event in which he felt he had actually been sitting inside a UFO-like object in the sky being instructed by some "other" presence to look down and watch as a new circle was formed. But somehow we had both, apparently, dismissed these incidents.

What little we knew about UFOs didn't fit with what either one of us had experienced first-hand with the crop circles. And at the time it had not yet occurred to us that there might be more than one kind of UFO...and therefore, possibly, more than just one UFO "agenda."

It is Robbert's opinion that most of these photos (perhaps all) represent energetic "projections" of actual UFOs being trasmitted through him from a "cosmic" source which is entirely external to him. That he is functioning here simply as a "medium." He thinks that at least some UFOs are directly related to at least some crop circles -- that UFOs actually "make" some crop circles -- and that, in these cases, the UFOs involved represent a loving spiritual force which is working through him (and the cameras he uses) to encourage awareness of the reality of the spiritual realm.


Was it a UFO that Transported Robbert
to Standdaarbuiten?

Road near Hoeven where, in 2003, Robbert encountered a glowing ball
of light which lifted him off his bicycle & apparently transported
him 17km to Standdaarbuiten. Photo: N. Talbott

In 2003 I visited the rural village of Wylatowo in central Poland where crop circles had begun to appear in conjunction with lighted aerial objects ( and I had arranged my trip so I could return via Holland and spend some time with Robbert before flying back to the States. Two nights prior to my flight into Schiphol Robbert had been out in the fields on his bicycle, responding as he often does to an inner voice of some kind which draws him to one place or another.

At around 10:30 - 11:00 pm a large glowing "light ball" had very suddenly appeared at the far end of the farm road he was pedaling along which, when first seen, was down at the end of the road nearly 1/4 mile away. As Robbert watched the light-ball the idea came into his head to take a photograph and, as he reached down for the camera hanging around his neck and began to raise it to his eyes, the light-ball suddenly -- instantaneously -- was directly in front of and surrounding him, and he felt himself being lifted into the air. The last thing he remembers before apparently losing consciousness is his bicycle falling away to the ground as he was lifted upward.

"XXX" marks location where Robbert regained consciousness,
within feet of highway next to Standdaarbuiten field.
Photo: N. Talbott (2004)

An unknown period of time later (Robbert does not wear a watch) Robbert remembers first seeing lights flashing by and hearing a roaring sound which, as he became more and more oriented, he realized were cars and trucks rushing by on a highway. It was very dark and he was lying on a grass embankment only 1-2 meters from the edge of this roadway and immediately looked to his left to see if there was a safer place he could move to.

"XXX" marks spot where Robbert awoke on embankment next to
highway in Standdaarbuiten. Photo: N. Talbott (2004)

Field on Robbert's left as he looked down from embankment next to
highway. A "rainbow" of colors hovered over crop circle
there in 2003. Photo: N. Talbott (2004)

As he looked away from the highway his eye was immediately attracted by a shimmering arc of rainbow colors out over the field on the other side of the farm-road bordering the field. He saw almost immediately that there was a crop circle underneath the rainbow arc and, although he had no idea of where he was (much less how he had gotten there), his first urge was to go into the circle. As he crossed the tractor-bridge into the field he realized he was cold -- that both the sweater and jacket he had been wearing when he first saw the glowing ball of light were now missing, as was the camera and his bicycle.

When he reached the first circle he realized there were several circles, one larger and several smaller ones, all in very dry wheat, all gently swirled and cracking under his feet as he walked through them. As he approached the larger circle he saw something white sitting in what looked to be it's center -- and leaning over discovered it to be his sweater. A dark blob on one side of the circle turned out to be his leather jacket, both of which he was glad to find because it had gotten quite cold.

One of the small circles of the 2003 Standdaarbuiten
crop formation. Photo: N. Talbott

After spending an unknown period of time in the circles Robbert eventually discovered his bicycle along the farm-road and had found his way home -- very late but unharmed, the only casuality being the loss of his new camera (which never turned up). The next day his father clocked the distance to the Standdaarbuiten field to be 17km from Hoeven, a greater distance than Robbert ever traveled away from home on his bicycle.

By the time I arrived in Holland two nights later the farmer had already cut the field, but Robbert and his whole family and I piled into some cars and headed out to Standdaarbuiten anyway. The flattened circles were still easy to find because the harvester blades had been set several inches above the ground, leaving the swirled plants inside the circles pretty much intact.

I immediately found clear evidence that these circles were genuine since expulsion cavities (, Item #4) were visible everywhere in the 2nd nodes of the flattened crop -- and, although I had no controls to compare the apical (top) nodes against, they did appear to be elongated (, Items #2a &# 2b), another well-documented sign of exposure of the plants to an intense, but extremely brief (nanosecond) burst of heat, most likely microwave radiation ( and

Expulsion cavities in 2nd node (from top of plant), caused by instant
heating of internal moisture in plant stems by microwaves.
Photo: N. Talbott

While out in the field that night I also took some film photographs, wondering if anomalies might appear in any of the images. Quite a few were present when the film was developed, including these.

March, 2012 -- UPDATE

The" light anomalies" in these two film photos may be due to improper handling of the camera by Nancy, although results like this have occurred only in her photos shot in or near crop circles.

Robbert's mother & family friend in Standdaarbuiten
field in 2003, 2 nights after BOL incident.
Photo: N. Talbott

Robbert in large circle at Standdaarbuiten, 2003.
Red flare appeared on film shot.
Photo: N. Talbott

In 2004 Robbert and I returned to the Standdaarbuiten field. I was still using my film camera almost exclusively but by now also carried a digital camera donated to BLT a few months earlier. Although there were no circles present in the field in 2004, and although my film images at the field were all more-or-less normal, the digital photos taken by Robbert with my new camera did contain many anomalies.

Nancy at Standdaarbuiten field, 2004. One of the only normal
photos taken by Robbert with the digital that day.

One of multiple anomalous photos taken by Robbert which contains
a round opaque area & distorted horizon, in which the
foreground (tractor bridge) is in focus.

Robbert takes a self-portrait at the Standdaarbuiten field, 2004.
Again most of image is distorted while areas in foreground are in focus.

An extreme anomaly shot by Robbert that afternoon. Overall image is much
darker than ambient light was, & we saw nothing in area
which looked anything like this.


No circles occurred in this Standdaarbuiten field in 2004, 2005 or 2006. But on July 22, 2007 an 8-circle formation appeared in almost the exact spot where Robbert had found the circles in 2003, opposite the embankment next to the highway where he had been deposited by the glowing light-ball.

An 8-circle formation appeared at Standdaarbuiten in 2007, in almost the
same spot as the circles found by Robbert in 2003 after his light-
ball encounter. Photo: Peter Vanlaerhoven, DCCA

One of the circle centers in the 2007 Standdaarbuiten formation.
Photo: Peter Vanlaerhoven, DCCA

In 2008 another formation appeared at Standdaarbuiten, but in a different field, a short distance away. No one was allowed to enter that field, but Robbert took an interesting photograph from the road, using IR film.

Two "light balls" over the June 29, 2008 crop formation at Standdaarbuiten
which showed up on IR film.


"UFO" Photos on Dr. William Roll's
Camera - 2008

Robbert and American parapsychologist, Dr. William Roll,
at field near Hoeven, 2008. Photo: N. Talbott

Robbert and I were pleased when one of the world's well-known figures in the field of parapsychology, American scientist Dr. William G. Roll, was able to spend a few days with us in Hoeven in October, 2008. Roll's extensive research on psychokinesis (the influence of mind on physical matter) and RSPK (recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis) in particular, as well as his increasing interest in nonlocality and the possible effects of magnetism on consciousness made him highly interested in meeting Robbert personally.

As was reported earlier Robbert took many "light phenomena" photos with Dr. Roll's camera (, a new Kodak "Easyshare" C-813 digital camera which Robbert used almost exclusively during Roll's visit. The camera was always set in "auto" and was checked to guarantee this setting each time Robbert used it.

During the few days and nights that Roll was with us in the fields Robbert took a wide range of anomalous photos, both in daytime and at night, with Dr. Roll and me present all the time. During each field-trip all three of us checked the images taken by Robbert every few minutes and, then, when we were ready to leave the fields, the camera was given back for Dr. Roll to take with him back to his hotel.

Although Robbert had, in the past, gotten UFO-type images of one sort or another on his own camera occasionally, these had been relatively infrequent. And, so, it was much to his surprise, and mine, that almost the first anomalies to appear on Dr. Roll's camera were a series of images that looked a lot like UFOs. About five minutes and ten shots (all normal) after arriving at the field Robbert took the following series of "UFO" images.

October, 2008 - Dr. Roll's Kodak "Easyshare" C-813 digital camera.
(11th shot, day 1: 10 minutes after arriving at field)

October, 2008 - Dr. Roll's Kodak "Easyshare" C-813 digital camera.
(12th shot, day 1: 3 minutes after shot #11)

October, 2008 - Dr. Roll's Kodak "Easyshare" C-813 digital camera.
(13th shot, day 1: 1 minute 40 seconds after shot #12)

October, 2008 - Dr. Roll's Kodak "Easyshare" C-813 digital camera.
(14th shot, day 1: 41 seconds after shot #13)

October, 2008 - Dr. Roll's Kodak "Easyshare" C-813 digital camera.
(15th shot, day 1: 7 minutes after shot #14)

The next ten shots in a row, all taken within 3 minutes (#15 through #24), were all suddenly abnormally dark -- much darker than the actual ambient light in the field. In the first five of these (#15 through #19) the flash did fire...while in the last five shots, which were also abnormally dark (#20 through #24), it did not. In shot #24, the "UFO" reappears one more time as Dr. Roll and I walk out of the field up to the car. This entire sequence lasted slightly less than 21 minutes. Dr. Roll and I, and Robbert, saw all of these images on the camera's LED-screen within minutes of Robbert capturing them and prior to our driving away from the field.

October, 2008 - Dr. Roll's Kodak "Easyshare" C-813 digital camera.
(24th shot, day 1: approx. 3 minutes after shot #15)

Robbert continued to take a few more photos as Dr. Roll and I returned to the car. All of them are darker than the late afternoon really was, and all are distorted. In spite of the darkness of the images the flash did not fire in the last five (during which time one would expect the ambient light, if anything, to be darker), although it had fired continuously for the five shots immediately after the 14th shot (the 4th "UFO" image). Remember, the camera was set in "auto" the entire time.

This business of the ambient light becoming abnormal just before, during and/or after photo sessions in which abnormal photographs are appearing was pointed out also in Part 2 of the "light phenomena photos" report ( Robbert and I know now that when the camera begins to record the ambient light incorrectly something peculiar will absolutely appear on the camera. Sometimes the change in light is a color change...recently it has more often been a darkening of the real light, during which the flash sometimes does go off -- but when it does so, it provides no illumination of anything in front of the camera lens. It's as if something "out there" is absorbing all the light in some unknown manner.

So, do the five images on Dr. Roll's camera represent one (or more) solid-body UFOs manifesting somehow into earth's physical reality? Or are they "projections" emanating from Robbert's conscious (or subconscious) mind onto Dr. Roll's camera? Or, as Robbert thinks, are these images projected through him from a "presence" or energy completely external to him?

It has been pointed out that the "UFOs" on Roll's camera look somewhat like 1970s photos attributed to the Swiss "contactee," Billy Meier. Two other photos of "UFOs" taken by Robbert at this same field in 2008, just before Roll's arrival, also contained images of very solid-looking UFOs which had shapes similar to some of Meier's UFOs. One of these photos appeared on Robbert's camera, the other on mine. In the one taken with my camera the "UFO" is hovering right over my head, in broad daylight, with me standing about 10 ft. in front of Robbert and looking squarely at Robbert as he took the shot.

Analysis revealed that moire patterns were present in these two "UFO" photos, suggesting that the images could be copies of previously-printed pictures of UFOs which had been superimposed onto Robber's photos. Although this is possible in the case of the UFOs on Robbert's camera, it is not a possibility with the UFO image that appeared on mine. My camera had been totally in my possession until just seconds before that "UFO" image appeared -- and I saw the photo immediately after it was taken.

What I'm wondering about is why in the world would Billy Meier-type "UFOs" suddenly begin to appear on photos taken by Robbert -- regardless of the camera being used and/or the professional status of the witnesses to these events? Why UFO-type images at all? Is this a hint of cosmic humor (the so-called "trickster" effect)? Or have UFOs become such a widely-accepted symbol of that which is unseen, but real, that it is now being utilized in some of Robbert's photos simply to indicate the presence of the unknown? Robbert and I suspect this may be so.

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