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Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.


- PART 2 -

Robbert van den Broeke, August 2011.

In May of 2011, a month prior to her garden party, Sandra Reemer called Robbert because of her continuing experience of "strange things" going on in her house. Although most of the incidents were not actually threatening, they were sometimes quite annoying involving loud bangs and the sound of footsteps (heard by herself and by guests), and one incident in which a bucket of flowers was knocked over causing the water to spill all over her kitchen floor.

She became more and more convinced that an "entity" of some kind was in the house and, when an incident occurred in which she felt she had been pushed down her stairs, she decided to ask Robbert for help.

On May 5th Robbert arrived at Sandra's home and, almost immediately upon entering the house, Robbert became aware of an "aggressive" energy which was "trying to get Sandra's attention." As Robbert walked from room to room Sandra stayed right with him; as he headed upstairs he asked Sandra for her camera and she handed it to him, watching him closely as he began to take photos.

It was Robbert's intuition that the energetic "presence" was that of a man who had died but was unaware of this fact, his increasing aggrerssion and anger caused by his frustration at being unable to communicate with Sandra. Robbert felt this man was not "bad" but, instead, urgently needed help to both recognize his actual situation and to experience the "cosmic love" available to him from the universe -- a love once experienced fully would allow him to "move on."

As a "medium" Robbert has become increasingly able to act as a conduit for this powerful "cosmic love" (which he regularly experiences himself) so that it can flow through him with such intensity that deceased people who are lost or confused can experience it also and, once reassured, are comforted and then able to "turn to the light."

During the 7 minutes and 23 seconds Robbert was focussed on helping this man and taking photographs as he went along he experienced intense heat and was observed by Sandra to perspire profusely -- although she herself, standing right next to Robbert during this entire time -- felt no change in temperature at all.

The first several photos show what looks like a male face with an increasingly
angry expression. (Top=original; bottom=contrast altered).

In the 3rd shot the face is definitely hostile-looking, with his tongue sticking out.
(Top=original; bottom=contrast changed.)

By the 7th image not only is the man's tongue sticking out, his whole face is contorted.
(Top=original; bottom=contrast changed.)

As Robbert continues to concentrate on bringing love to this man suddenly the
face, although faint, now appears normal (note blue lines above his head).

In the very next shot (taken 1 min. 32 sec. later) the man's face has
disappeared altogether and a blue cross is present instead.

A single and then a double white cross appear within seconds of each other.

A final, clear, white cross appears in the next-to-last photo.

Then, as the "energy" leaves the house for good, the final photo shows
a light-ball zipping across the room.

Sandra told me she immediately felt a totally different and "normal" energy in the room at the conclusion of this session. It is interesting that both she and Robbert felt the total session lasted nearly an hour...but the camera's film information file indicates that only a little more than 7 minutes had elapsed from the time Robbert went up the stairs and began taking photos to this last image of the light-ball.

Robbert was totally soaked with perspiration when he stopped taking the photos, but he felt certain that this very angry "presence" was now at peace. Sandra reports that she has not felt the "unpleasant energy" since Robbert's visit.


This report presents just a few of literally hundreds of incidents in which Robbert has apparently been in contact with, and photographed, people who have died ( In most cases he has used cameras brought by his clients, people he had not previously met and about whom he knew nothing prior to their visit with him at his office. In other instances images of people have appeared when no "reading" was going on -- the images representing people we assume are deceased, some of whom we have subsequently been able to identify and therefore know they are no longer living.

Some of the many hundreds of human images Robbert has captured on various cameras are of famous figures from a wide range of time-periods, cultures, countries and occupations. And many of the images are, as yet, still unidentified.

Precisely what these photographs "mean" is a serious and thought-provoking question for many of us. Each reader must reach their own conclusion. But Robbert's experience tells him they represent the actual conscious presence of the personality and spiritual essence of each of these people -- an essence that survives our physical demise.

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