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Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.

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- PART 3 -
Physical Signs & Spiritual Symbols

A "spiritual being" which also appeared on Robbert's digital camera
during the videotaped John Lennon photo session.

Before moving on to the second incident in 2012 in which Robbert and Stan actually witnessed crop circles occurring in front of their eyes, two formations containing symbols often interpreted in spiritual contexts appeared in the same Bosschenhoofd field where several other, totally astounding events occurred previously in 2007.

White powder retrieved from various crop circles in the Bosschenhoofd
("Woodenhead") field in 2007. Photo: N. Talbott

Early in the summer of 2007 Robbert and multiple witnesses encountered a range of bizarre situations as crop formations repeatedly appeared in one particular field -- including multiple white powder deposits in some circles, the appearance of a "creature," and a "light-ball" incident during which Robbert literally disappeared in front of witnesses' eyes as a red light-ball appeared and then carried out a series of maneuvers, after which Robbert reappeared and a new crop circle was found where he had stood before he disappeared (

Then in August, 2007 I arrived in Holland two months after my brother Bill had died -- and in this same field Robbert then took 60+ photos of Bill's face, using my camera and with me watching the whole time. Many of these photos of Bill and dozens of others of people also known to be deceased -- all taken by Robbert using many different peoples' cameras -- are included in this report:

One of Robbert's photos of Nancy's brother Bill, 2 months after he
had died, taken at the Bosschenshoofd field in 2007.

It was in this same Bosschenhoofd field where, in 2012, two formations
appeared which included "spiritual" symbols.

This formation, which includes what looks like an Egyptian "ankh," appeared on May 10, 2012 at about 1:00 am. Prior to its appearance Robbert had felt a "feminine" energy and saw in his "mind's eye" light emanating from many of the circles as well as a feminine figure directly over the "ankh" symbol with a beautiful glowing white light around her. He also saw a "big white cat with brilliant green eyes" next to the woman's figure, something which seems a bit odd, given the apparent tenor of the overall "vision."

Robbert also perceived a message associated with the "ankh" which indicated it was a reminder to people that the human spirit, as well as our "personality," continues on forever.

"Ankh" symbol which represents the concept of both worldly,
and eternal, life.

Off-center central swirl in one of the small circles.
Photo: Janet Ossebaard

Severe node bending in May 10th "Ankh" formation on the first day -- which
rules out gravi- or phototropism as causing these node-changes.
Photo: Janet Ossebaard

Eight days later the second formation containing symbols associated with spiritual concepts appeared in this same Bosschenhoofd field. On May 18th at around 3:30am (Dutch time) Stan and Robbert were in Robbert's living room when Robbert began to feel a "tingling" in his head and stomach, causing him to become quite dizzy. He says he felt as if he was "losing control" in some non-specific way. He then saw, visually, a flash of light in the room and saw the solid metal cross which is nailed over the door begin to swing back and forth in a wide arc.

Arrows indicate location of Robbert, Stan and metal cross on night of May 18th,
just before double-cross formation found in field.

Stan, who was on his computer at the time, didn't see the first flash of light but did hear the rasping noise made by the metal cross rubbing against the wall and, hearing the noise, looked up and then also saw the cross swinging back and forth all by itself.

Metal cross (which is securely nailed over door) which both Robbert
& Stan watched swing widely back and forth by itself.

As Robbert stood up Stan saw what he described as a "BIG BIG BIG ball of light" fly out of the cross and shoot across the living room directly into Robbert's forehead. Stan says "pieces" of the light-ball "sprayed up above Robbert's head" -- the whole event so startling that Stan had to "catch his breath." Stan's drawing (below) shows how the "pieces" of the light-ball rose up above Robbert's head, much like the bubbles rise up inside a lava-lamp.

Similar light streak "aimed" at Robbert's forehead 8 +/- years ago as he felt
the "energy" in the room. Original photo, cropped only.

Robbert also saw the "bluish-white" light ball shoot out of the cross and -- when it hit his forehead -- he got the same feeling he had experienced in 2003 when another huge light-ball had picked him up off his bicycle and transported him to the edge of a Standdaarbuiten field. [For details of that event see the BLT Research report, "Was It a UFO that Transported Robbert to Standdaarbuiten?":]

Robbert reports that this time it felt like the light-ball went through his head, causing him to feel quite stunned for a moment and Stan says he felt "a huge, a very very big consciousness" was present in the room which caused an "empty" feeling in his head -- as if all thoughts, all feelings were suddenly gone. Both Stan and Robbert were genuinely startled, but both say they were not frightened.

Robbert then got the sense that "they need me" and immediately asked for advice -- what was he supposed to do? With his eyes wide open he then experienced a "vision" (like being in an I-MAX theater, he says) which did not go away. In this "vision" he saw the field where last summer he had watched light-rings falling down and creating the final grass formation of 2011.

Last Dutch crop circle in 2011, in grass, created as "light rings"
fell down from the sky to the field.

A sense of extreme tenderness nearly overcame Robbert -- what he could only describe (Holland is primarily a Catholic country) as a "Christ" feeling -- the feeling of an enormous and totally serene presence which became pervasive. Robbert knew he and Stan had to go to the field and they left immediately.

Upon arrival at the Bosschenhoofd field both men felt a strong "very intimate" pressure pushing down and Robbert saw a "mist" (in the shape of a human body) right over the circles. They had brought cameras with them this time and Robbert took multiple photos, but nothing abnormal appeared in any of them.

The "Celtic Cross" end of the May 18, 2012 formation.

The "Christian Cross" end of the May 18th formation.

Center of big circle in "Celtic Cross" showing soft, fluffy lay and -- in
spite of rain during night circles formed -- no mud on plants.

Photos taken day formation occurred show marked elongation & bending of stem
nodes which, when present immediately, rule out mechanical flattening.
Photos: Janet Ossebaard

Robbert felt a beautiful message (literally, what he called the "naked truth") emanating from this formation. He saw that in our current troubled world so many people are so very discouraged they are "walking as Jesus did as he carried his cross," burdened with heavy sadness. But, because of the crop circles and many other unusual events, more people are beginning to experience a profound re-connection to the "Christ consciousness," an "adult" awareness which is connected to the true reality and love of the universe.

It is through this kind of consciousness, which is usually experienced only when people die, that we are collectively becoming better able to experience the true essence of life while we are still living.

Robbert not only felt that this particular crop formation could help people grow quickly in such knowledge, but that also just looking at or meditating on photos of it will accelerate spiritual growth.


Although Robbert had forgotten to tell me about another event in 2010 (one where a solid physical object in his immediate environment had also moved all by itself), the cross moving in this case made me ask if he'd ever had anything like this happen before? It turns out that during Los Angeles filmmaker William Gazecki's visit to meet Robbert in December of that year, a very heavy metal hi-fi speaker in Robbert's parents' living room had also rocked back-and-forth all by itself.

Heavy metal speaker column in Robbert's parents' home,
which rocked back & forth by itself.

On William's 2nd or 3rd night in Holland in 2010 Robbert had begun to feel an "energy" present. William turned on his video camera and followed Robbert upstairs, where in one corner of the hallway Robbert established "contact" with this energy. He "heard" the name John and "felt" the violence of this man's death. He then became aware that John had been a musician, and was very famous...and, although Robbert hesitated to say what he "heard" next, he finally did say John's last name -- it was "Lennon."

Robbert, who was born the year John Lennon died, had never been a Beatles' fan and, in the "presence" of Lennon's spirit, he was embarrassed because he knew Lennon had been both a loving and good person and famous all over the world. On William's videotape of this session you can hear Robbert, as he begins taking digital photos, apologizing to Lennon for not being familiar with his music.

[Both the Lennon and the "spiritual being" images included below have been cropped and undergone contrast change to make them more clear.]

Two of the multiple images of John Lennon which appeared on Robbert's digital
camera as Gazecki videotaped this session in 2010.

Many of the Lennon images show multiple light-streaks surrounding his
face which Robbert says reflects Lennon's enlightened spirituality.

It was after this Lennon photo-session that the heavy metal hi-fi speaker in Robbert's parents' living room moved. Robbert and his parents and his sister Madelon and William were all in the living room at the end of the evening and the radio was on quietly in the background. Then, as a Lennon song came on the radio, Robbert, his parents and sister (William was present but had fallen asleep on the sofa) all watched in amazement as the speaker began rocking back and forth all by itself. According to Madelon, the speaker moved quite far from left to right, making a "chuk-chuk" sort of sound as it rocked back and forth and then, part-way through the song, it stopped moving and returned to its normal upright position.

Interspersed with the Lennon images an unknown face appears several times, one Robbert identified as a "spiritual being," almost as if it were a "guide" or spiritual companion of John's.

Two of the many images of a "spiritual being" which were interspersed
throughout the John Lennon photo session.

We have Gazecki's complete original videotape of this "Lennon" photo session and will try to get it posted on YouTube eventually. People who have seen the tape in its entirety have found it helpful in understanding exactly what Robbert is, and is not, doing. I was touched to see Robbert's obvious gratitude to the "spirit world" for the digital images and his respect for Lennon's "spirit" and the other "being" was apparent.


A series of the Lennon images (as well as more photos of the spiritual being which appeared intermittently throughout the Lennon session) is posted on Robbert's website:

[For the preliminary reports of all 2012 Dutch circles see the Crop Circle Connector:; for these reports in Dutch & more field photos see Robbert's web-site: To read all of the reports about Robbert in ENGLISH, these are listed at the bottom of Robbert's page on the BLT website:]


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