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Location: nr. Szczecinek, in Northern Poland
Event Date: August 11, 2003
Event Time:
4:35 - 4:50 am
Primary Witness: Lech Chacinski
Translator: Less Hodun
N.Talbott's Interviews: October, 2006 & February, 2007

On April 26, 2004 posted an intriguing report from Brian Vike (HBCC UFO Research) of a "close encounter of the third kind" which had occurred in a rural area of northern Poland 8 months previously (Vike's source: Tomek Wierszalowicz). Of great interest to me was the fact that the witness had discovered flattened areas of crop pressed into the field after the UFO departed—several circles arranged in a configuration which, from the photographs provided, looked exactly like what I would have called a crop circle. Could this be the first clear evidence of UFOs as the direct causative agent in the creation of at least some crop circles?

Mr. Lech Chacinski, who encountered a UFO and 3 "humanoids" near Szczecinek,
Poland on 11 August 2003. Photo:
© N. Talbott (Oct.'06)

In October, 2006 I met with the eyewitness at a Conference in Warsaw where we were both speaking, and then spent another day with him on a road-trip to Zdany (where members of the Nautilus group and I were investigating another UFO incident). Translators provided at the Nautilus Conference were excellent, and subsequent intensive questioning by me of Mr. Chacinski and his friend Zbyszek Kalisiak (in-depth translations for this report carried out by Less Hodun) has revealed a number of corrections to the original report, as well as many addtional details.

I am convinced both of Mr. Chacinski's total honesty and his ability to accurately recount the details of this incident, and have therefore realized that crop circles— which I have always thought were not directly related to UFOs—sometimes are.

Following is a compilation of Brian Vike's original April 26, 2004 report (see:, amended with the new details, photos and illustrations provided by Mr. Chacinski in mid-October, 2006 and in February, 2007. Click here for a TV interview (in Polish) conducted with Mr. Chacinski in 2003: 34,7MB WMV File (file will automatically download on MAC computers).

Mr. Chacinski at UFO encounter site in 2003
(Source: 4/26/04 HBCC UFO report)


Lech Chacinski is a truck driver who lives in Wierzchowo, Poland with his wife and children. On the morning of August 11, 2003 he left for work at 4:20 am, but as he approached a bridge near Szczecinek he observed three figures (standing in a triangular configuration relative to one-another, one in front and the other two behind) on the road in front of him--the figure in front with his hand raised as if in greeting. As he brought his car to a stop, the trio walked toward him and he at first assumed they were men, dressed in uniforms similar to astronauts' space-suits. However, as they came closer to the driver's side window he realized there was something disturbingly "extraordinary" about them.

Feeling "almost frozen" as the "humanoid" at the apex of the triangular group (called the "leader" by Lech) reached the driver's-side door, Lech could see a darkened helmet with a visor of some "transparent" material, through which he saw two large (3cm diam) round black eyes--but no other facial details. As the full realization of what he was seeing overcame him, Chacinski wanted to drive away immediately--but a blinding "beam of light" shot out from a rectangular chamber on the top of the "leader's" helmet, and Chacinski lost consciousness. When he awakened moments later he felt "calm" and knew the "leader" was telling him telepathically that he didn't have to be scared. He heard the question "Do you hear us?" and mentally responded "yes," after which he was asked to get out of the vehicle, which he reluctantly did.


Beam of light shot out from a 5 x 15cm rectangular chamber, covered with a non-reflective surface, on the top of the "leader's" helmet. Drawing: © Lech Chacinski.


Lech describes these entities as being about the height of tall humans (approx. 170 cm tall) with a basic human form (2 arms, 2 legs, a torso and a head), wearing tight-fitting, seamless "overalls of a dull silvery, elastic foil" material. He states that these overalls seemed to be "pumped up from the inside" and were "integrated with their shoes and mittens." On their heads were "helmets" with some sort of a band around the forehead which had a light source in the center, and on the top of the helmet there was something that Lech thought was a communication device. He saw no insignia anywhere on their clothing, but on their chests were "colorful blinking [rectangular] boards" with "7 lights in each row," each light a different color. He cannot remember the combination of colors, but states that the lights were "falling down [in a sequence] one by one, like a fountain." They also had packs on their backs which looked like those worn by astronauts or cosmonauts.

During the approximately 15-minute encounter Lech telepathically perceived multiple questions posed to him by these beings: "What material is your vehicle made of?" "How does it work?" "What kind of fuel does it use?" Mr. Chacinski did his best to answer and noted that they expressed surprise upon hearing how his vehicle operated. They also indicated interest in his clothing, in particular his belt and shoes. [This detail is of great interest, in that beings encountered in another Poland contact case (to be presented in a
separate report) also showed great interest in that witness's leather belt and shoes.]

The "leader" (who was the only communicator) then stated that they had come to deliver a message to the inhabitants of Earth, and Lech had the impression that he was being charged with the responsibility of spreading this message as widely as possible.

In essence the message was that we must "care" for ourselves and our planet, and that if we continue to disrespect the laws of Nature, the result will be catastrophic. Why this encounter, and this message—apparently regarding the environment--was delivered to Lech, he has no idea. Mr. Chacinski was apparently able to ask only one question of these beings, "Where do you come from?," to which they replied "Eight Galaxy." They also told him they would return, although with no details as to when, where, or for what purpose.

Truly awed by the ongoing encounter, Chacinski next watched as the three beings rose up about 3m into the air and "floated" across the field adjacent to the road to a very solid-looking "metal-like disc" about 300m away (which he had not noticed until this moment). Lech thinks the body of the UFO was about 50m wide (the "legs" being underneath the body of the craft), by about 20m tall. [His drawing ability does not equal a fully accurate representation of the UFO.] There were three rows of individually-colored "windows" across the upper half of the UFO and three sets of 5m long, girder-like legs, each set ending in two separate round feet which apparently stabilized the UFO on the uneven ground near the top of the hill. [Lech is not absolutely certain that these "feet" were actually touching the ground.] On the very top of the UFO was an opaque chamber and two "antennae." The beings landed close to the craft and then walked beneath it, at which point a beam of "very bright blue-white light" shot out from a round hole which opened up on the underside of the ship. This light "took the three beings up into the UFO" and the hole closed, after which a "colored smoke" (or fog) enveloped the craft. The UFO then "floated" over the ground for about 50m, stopped briefly (during which time the "smoke" dissipated), and then flew away at a 70° angle toward the SE, making an "ssssssss" sound.

Once the UFO had departed an imprint of multilple circles could be seen in the field, in which the plants were swirled and flattened--with smaller circles in the same areas relative to the "feet" Chacinski saw beneath the craft.

Drawing of 50m (+/-) diameter UFO into which 3 "humanoid" beings were "taken up" in
a blue-white beam of light near Szczecinek, Poland in 2003.
Drawing: © Lech Chacinski, not to accurate scale.

Local TV reporter (left) and Lech Chacinski (right) looking at crop imprint left by UFO near Szczecinek, Poland by UFO. (Source: 4/26/04 HBCC UFO report.)

Two photos taken shortly after August 11th encounter showing overall design (top) & swirl pattern in flattened plants (bottom). Top photo (from newspaper) has been retouched
to remove electric pylons & wires. (Source: 4/26/04 HBCC UFO report.)


Diagram of crop imprint included in original report by Brian Vike.
(Source: 4/26/04 HBCC UFO report)


Andreas Muller has examined the two photos included in the original 4/26/04 report and has provided a "pseudo aerial" (a stretched version), which more clearly shows a thin, eccentric, ring around one of the smaller circles (Right, front) of the photo. He also thinks that this feature may be repeated around the smaller of the Left front set of circles, although this is not certain. And we can see only one circle in the set near the top of the hill.

"Pseudo aerial" provided by Andreas Muller.

New diagram provided by Andreas Muller.

Based on two newly-obtained photos, below (assuming the man in the center circle to be about 2m tall when standing upright), I measure the center circle to be about 22m (+/-) in diameter. If Mr. Chacinski's estimate of the size of the UFO is correct, the entire crop formation would have been underneath the UFO.


Note electric power-lines running nearby, close to the crop imprint—a common occurrence near many crop formations world-wide. Photos: © Rajmund Welnic.


As Mr. Chacinski got back into his car after the UFO departed a man he knew pulled up next to him, asking if he needed help. Saying that "no," he was OK, Lech suddenly realized he had seen no other cars driving by during the entire incident and wondered if the humanoids had somehow caused this. He went on to work, where at first he said nothing about the incident to his colleagues. He did, however, call the police anonymously to report the imprint in the crop and then went home for awhile and told his wife about the experience. They discussed what he should do, in particular regarding the "message" he had received, and Lech reports that he did not want to "tell anything" about his morning's encounter. But that afternoon, back at work, he decided to notify the police again, this time identifying himself and describing the entire event. He then also told his colleagues and others, subsequently enduring ridicule and some "very bad times," with many people laughing at him and making fun of his report.

Lech returned to the crop imprint the following day with his two sons, his daugher and her husband, and walked into the large center circle. After a few minutes inside the circle he again experienced a moment "as bad as when he was blinded by the leader's beam of light," but this time he did not lose consciousness. And for the 3-4 months following his close encounter he noticed that he was unusually "tranquil" and uninterested in quarreling or raising his voice, a change noted also by his wife and friends.

Mr. Lech Chacinski and Nancy Talbott, on the road to Zdany, Poland, October 2006.
© Dan Lobb


So far as we know this is the first detailed eyewitness report of a "solid body" type UFO and "humanoid" beings being directly associated with the creation of a crop circle. Other eyewitness accounts of aerial light phenomena creating crop formations (see: and a combination of light and solid-looking "craft" creating one (see: have been carefully investigated and reliably reported, and other anecdotal reports are surfacing with increasing regularity (see new report just in:

For me, having now met and spent considerable time with Lech and some of his friends, this witness's report resolves any doubt that a UFO was directly involved in the creation of this crop circle. It also now seems likely to me that UFOs—whatever they may actually be—have a closer association with crop circles generally than I had ever thought.

Does this mean that all crop circles are caused by UFOs? Most crop circle researchers I know don't think so. And if this, then, indicates that there are multiple causative agencies, well, it's beginning to look like any profound comprehension of this bizarre phenomenon may be even more elusive than we at first suspected.

The Nautilus RV and translator Wojtek Bobilewicz (left), Nancy, and Less (Less L.A.) Hodun, who provided translations of all additional interviews for this report. Photo: © Dan Lobb.

Without the invaluable assistance of these talented translators this report could not have been written. As an American without foreign language skills I am impressed continually by the lanuguage accomplishments of many many Europeans, and we are indebted to them for their interest, skill and dedication.



Postscript….. In Less Hodun's final transcript to me regarding the Chacinski encounter, he included a question he had asked Lech a year or more previously, as well as Lech's answer. As they were sitting together in a café following a symposium in Police, Poland Mr. Hodun asked Lech if he had ever experienced any previous "unusual" situation.

Chacinski's answer was riveting. About two weeks prior to the Szczecinek encounter with the three "humanoids" and the UFO something strange had occurred in his own home. It was around midnight and Lech and his wife were watching TV. Lech's attention was drawn toward what looked like a point of light, about 3 cm in diameter, moving horizontally from left to right along the top edge of the wall near the ceiling. Lech said nothing, but as he watched the point of light he felt himself becoming mesmerized. All of a sudden the point of light dropped down to the height of his head and flew straight at him, going directly into his left eye.

He ran into the bathroom, washed his eyes vigorously with cold water, and then came back into the room. At this point he asked his wife if she had seen anything strange, but she had not (as told to Less Hodun).

Less Hodun

Addendum, March 1, 2007: Dr. James Deardorff, now Professor Emeritus in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University, and a meticulous student of the intensely controversial Billy Meier "contactee" case in Switzerland, has informed me that Meier found similarly-swirled imprints in grasses in conjunction with some of his UFO/humanoid encounters during the 1970s. (See: - about 80% of the way down the page, Figs. 13, 14, 15). See also: (about 60% down the page, click on "swirled patterns"). One photo (taken from the video "The Meier Chronicles," produced by Lee & Brit Elders) shows a set of 3 circles with counter-clockwise swirls (another set is at the extreme left of the photo) which Meier found after one contact incident. Second photo is a close-up, showing the swirling pattern more clearly.


I have no direct knowledge of the Billy Meier case and, thus, no informed opinion regarding it. But I do know that Dr. Deardorff is a professional, well-educated scientist who has published a considerable volume of work in mainstream peer-reviewed journals during his academic career. My knowledge of other serious scholars indicates that they generally utilize the same skills and training in their evaluation of any subject they study, and so I have to consider this information about the Meier case seriously.



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