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- PART 4 -
Light Flashes, "Light Beings" & Strange
Marks on Robbert's Body

Robbert's drawing of 2 "light beings" he and Stan saw visually
at long Bosschenhoofd "pictogram."

The May 16th Hoeven "indigo light-ball" circle was not the only crop circle in 2012 which formed while Robbert and Stan were present in the field. On July 21st a 56.5m-long "pictogram" had appeared -- and the next night (July 22nd) Robbert and Stan returned to this field because Robbert had had another "vision" in which he'd seen a brilliant bluish-white flash of light occur down close to this field near the previous night's pictogram. Robbert clearly "saw" two new complex arcs of circles near the "pictogram."

However, when the men arrived back at the field on the night of July 22nd they found no new circles anywhere -- just the previous night's long "pictogram."

July 21st "pictogram" at Bosschenhoofd.

After searching carefully they returned to the field's edge where Robbert's motorbike was parked when they both began to experience "tingling" and goosebumps all over their bodies -- as two sharp, bluish-white flashes of light "discharged" down low over the field in front of their eyes. As the flashes of light occurred they also both heard a "crackling" sort of noise, something like an "electric discharge."

July 22nd -- two "additions" to pictogram found by Robbert & Stan
following light flashes & crackling noise.

Arrow shows edge of field where Robbert & Stan experienced the
"tingling" all over their bodies & watched light-flashes occur.

Going back into the field they immediately discovered two new more complex "additions" very close to the previous night's "pictogram," and both of the new sets of circles contained design elements similar to the those in the 1996 UK "Julia Set" formation near Stonehenge. In spite of the field being very wet (it had been raining heavily earlier) the lay looked soft and fluffy with multiple little "nests" and standing tufts in the centers of many circles -- and no mud on the grass anywhere.

Soft, fluffy "lay" in triplet circles in July 22nd "addition" #1.

Large center circles in "addition" #1, early the next day.

No mud on grass in "addition" #2

Gentle springy "lay" & center tufts in July 22nd "additions."

As Robbert and Stan approached the new "additions" Robbert "heard" the message that these formations were intended "for the public to experience" and that they could offer helpful "personal insights" to any visitor open to the possibility that the source of these circles is, in fact, a loving and respectful non-human consciousness.

It was a happy coincidence that these circles formed in a field belonging to a man Robbert had known as a child, a farmer who personally was certain the formations were genuine and who, therefore, was happy to have the public be able to experience them. Many, many people did come to see them over the following weeks.


"Light Beings" in Field & Red Marks on
Robbert's Body

The July 21st "pictogram" was noteworthy for several reasons. As usual, Robbert had experienced the "restless" feeling he usually gets when a new crop circle is getting ready to form. Just before 1:00 am on July 21st he also began to feel his blood pressure "pounding in his ears" and so sat down and focused his attention in an effort to understand what was happening. He then suddenly experienced what sounds like an "out of body" event, feeling he was actually present at the Bosschenhoofd field where the May 10th "ankh " formation had appeared earlier in the summer.

He "saw" a very large light-ball hanging over the field, with many small white light-balls falling out of the larger one down to the field surface, creating a long "pictogram" made up of many circles and rings, one of which also contained a strange "symbol" inside it (which we will discuss in Part 5).

July 21st - 56.5 meter "pictogram" was longest
Dutch formation in 2012.

When Robbert and Stan reached the field they immediately found the new pictogram precisely where Robbert had "seen" it would be. Then, as they walked out into the field closer to the pictogram for the first time they both began to feel dizzy, experiencing a strong "tingling" in their heads and down their arms and legs -- and both of them became aware of the presence of a loving but "much bigger consciousness."

Then they saw -- with their eyes -- two tall (3m +/-) white, mostly translucent and essentially human-shaped, "light beings" floating just above the nearest edge of the biggest circle, only about 10 meters away from them. Both Robbert and Stan felt these "light beings" were "introducing themselves" and "welcoming" them but, as they tried to walk closer, the figures faded away.

Robbert had brought his camera this time and did try to take photos, but nothing unusual appeared in his images that night.

The large circle where both Robbert and Stan visually saw the two tall,
white, translucent figures.

Stan's drawing made the same night, shortly after he & Robbert saw the 2 tall
"misty" figures standing just above the edge of the large circle.

Robbert's drawing of the two "light beings" in whose presence he & Stan
experienced the presence of a "much bigger consciousness."

Two of the smallest pictogram circles photographed after daylight.
Photos: J. Ossebaard

Bent & moderately stretched node (top) & massively
elongated node (bottom) found on first day.
Photos: J. Ossebaard

This July 21st "pictogram" was one of the most memorable circles in 2012. It was the longest formation to occur all summer, and when the two "additions" appeared the following night it became arguably the most "complex" crop formation yet to appear in southern Holland. And the fact that both Robbert and Stan saw visually -- for at least 15 seconds -- the two tall, translucent "light beings" at the edge of one of the large circles made it very special also.

Another very odd event directly related to this crop formation was the fact that -- for the third time in a week -- upon his return home from finding new circles Robbert also discovered a bright red mark, a symbol of some kind, temporarily emblazoned on his forehead.

Red marks appeared repeatedly on Robbert's body in 2012 -- this one appearing
spontaneously after seeing the 2 "light beings."


[For the preliminary reports of the 2012 Dutch circles see the Crop Circle Connector:; for reports on these circles in Dutch & more field photos see Robbert's web-site: For more information & on-going reports about Robbert's case (in English) see his BLT "Home" page:]


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