APRIL 14, 2012

Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.


- PART 1 -

In 1981 Pat Delgado was the first
person to inform the UK press
of the existence of the crop
circle phenomenon.

Crop circle enthusiasts who have been following both the phenomenon itself and the continuing bizarre events in the crop-circle-related Robbert van den Broeke case will probably be as startled as I to learn of the latest events in Holland -- the manifestation of clear images on video and digital cameras -- of two men closely associated with the crop circle phenomenon, but whom we know are deceased: Pat Delgado (the retired English electro-mechanical engineer who became the first UK crop circle researcher after visiting three circles at Cheesefoot Head in the summer of 1981), and Dave Chorley (of the infamous British "Doug & Dave" crop circle hoaxing team). Images of these two men first appeared in the early morning hours of April 14, 2012, when Robbert v/d Broeke "felt" their presences and had contact with each telepathically. It was about 1:15 am when Robbert sat down and closed his eyes to focus his attention on their "energetic presence" as his friend Stan set up the video camera and turned it on, in case someone or something should appear.

Not only did the faces of these two men appear in those first video clips, they appeared again hours later on a digital camera as Robbert and Stan tried a new experiment, one which has provided good documentation of a very strange "time" aberation we have observed indications of previously.

During the first session Stan videotaped Robbert as he sat in a chair, concentrating on the "energies" he felt were present. At first Robbert "saw" (in his mind's eye) only a tiny light which was coming closer. It grew larger and then suddenly burst into many light specks (a "kind of fireworks") and out of a "fog" that remained, a face of an older man appeared. In his mind Robbert asked "Is someone here who wants to talk with me?" and "heard" the answer "yes."

Robbert felt the energy from this man was very loving and gentle and he remembered seeing his picture in a crop circle book I (Nancy Talbott) had given him many years earlier. As he recognized the "personality" of this man Robbert said "you are Pat Delgado," and then "heard" the reply "yes, and you are Robbert van den Broeke."

Session #1: 1:19 a.m. (Video Camera Only)

Delgado Video capture #1: top=original (cropped),
bottom=contrast enhanced.

Delgado Video capture #2,: top=original (cropped),
bottom=contrast enhanced.

Delgado's image, which appears to be the same one throughout the video clip, moves about slightly during its brief appearance (about a minute long), sometimes brighter and more distinct, sometimes less so. While Pat's face was present Robbert "heard" him say that he was still "energetically" very involved with the circle phenomenon, not only in the UK but also elsewhere in the world. He also expressed gratitude for all of the circle enthusiasts who continue to search for the truth and who realize the "cosmic" nature of the consciousness which is involved.

Pat also said Robbert should continue sharing his experiences with this consciousness because this personal connection is the only way people can really "know" the significance of the phenomenon. They must experience it with their hearts.

Finally, Pat said that if people cannot put aside their differences and learn to listen to the intuition of their hearts there is a danger that the consciousness might withdraw. Robbert then saw Pat's face slowly move away and a ring of rainbow colors seemed to float on his retinas, as if he had been staring at a bright light. Then this image disappeared also.


Approximately 12 minutes later Robbert became aware of a different "energy" and Stan turned the videocamera on again, with it aimed directly at Robbert as he "concentrated himself" on this new presence.

At first Robbert thought this man was Doug Bower (the still-living other half of the "Doug & Dave" hoaxing team) but as the face became clearer in his "mind's eye" he recognized the specific consciousness of Dave Chorley. [Robbert knew one of the "Doug & Dave" team had died, but didn't know which one.] He had seen both Bower and Chorley on a crop circleTV show many years ago and as Dave's image grew larger Robbert felt a warm, friendly feeling and gratitude from Dave that he was able to "contact" Robbert.

"Doug & Dave" in the early '90s.

Session #2: 1:31 a.m. (Video Camera Only)

Chorley Video capture #1: top=original (cropped), bottom="auto smart fix" applied.

Chorley Video capture #2: top=original (cropped), bottom="auto smart fix" applied.

Chorley's "consciousness" then communicated his awareness (now that he is "in the afterlife") of how important it is that people respect the loving force behind the crop circles. Chorley also expressed sincere regret that while he was on earth he had gone to the media and said that crop circles were "just a joke", and that he and Doug had said they made them all.

He told Robbert that he knew there were many genuine crop circles -- those that occur around Robbert and many in other countries around the world, and also some each year in England. Chorley then added that "angels" and "light beings" are now "providing energy" to many of the man-made circles (particularly those in the UK) because these circles have become spiritual meeting places. He emphasized that people should not be confused if they have mysterious experiences in man-made formations since many of these circles are now also being imbued with this "positive spiritual energy" -- the experience of which is the primary purpose of the circle phenomenon.

Chorley also emphasized that when visitors to crop circles have spiritual or mystical experiences while inside the formations they are actually facilitating the ability of the "energy from the other dimension" to come toward them.

It should be noted that during both "manifestations" Stan saw nothing on the videocamera's LED screen nor anything visually in the 2 meters or so between the videocamera lens and Robbert himself. You can see both of these video clips (at the end of which Stan tells a little about himself and the fact that he was originally a skeptic as well as a moderately-accomplished "illusionist" himself and, therefore, well acquainted with the "tricks of the trade"). YouTube link:

You can also see partial clips on Robbert's new website, in the "Video" section, at this link:

- PART 2 (with VIDEO CLIP) -

Almost 4-1/2 hours later Robbert again became aware of an "energy" (he experienced a tingling at the crown of his head and down his neck and arms) and was certain that more was about to occur. Because Stan (who is more technically savvy than Robbert) was with Robbert on this night they decided to try something new -- having Stan aim a videocamera directly at the lens of Robbert's digital camera and recording as Robbert took his digital photos -- to see if any images which appeared on the digital camera would also be recorded by the videocamera.

Session #3: 5:56 a.m. (Video & Digital Cameras)

For this new experiment, Stan stood with the videocamera in front of the dark blue curtain that runs across the windows in Robbert's living room, about 2 meters away from Robbert. Because it has been claimed that Robbert is somehow using chips in his digital camera which already have the "anomalous" images on them or that he has something "painted on" the digital camera lens or, even sillier, is holding small cut-out figures in front of the lens -- Stan inserted a brand new chip into the digital camera and then videotaped the digital camera's LED screen with the display (in Dutch) which says "no images are available" -- clearly showing that the digital camera is now equipped with a brand new chip.

New blank chip is placed in Robbert's digital camera.

With the videocamera running continually Stan then took close-ups of the lens of the digital camera to show that there was nothing on the lens itself.

Videotaped close-up of digital camera lens.

Then Stan slowly backed farther away from Robbert until he was standing against the dark blue curtain, with the videocamera still running continually and aimed directly at Robbert the entire time. Almost immediately Robbert then took 3 photos in a row -- all three images only seconds apart -- and this time Dave Chorley's image appears first, then Delgado's in the second shot, and finally Stan alone (in a totally normal photo) in the third shot.

Dave Chorley's face appears in the first digital photo.

Same photo,cropped & enlarged only.

Same photo again, but with Photoshop Elements'
"auto smart-fix" applied.

Pat Delgado's face appears in 2nd digital photo.

Same photo, cropped & enlarged only.

Same photo again with Photoshop Elements'
"auto smart-fix" applied.

The third and final shot was completely normal, showing Stan holding the videocamera still aimed directly at Robbert.

Third (and last) digital photo shows only Stan with videocamera.

It is through the use of the video and digital cameras simultaneously that we have now documented something very odd. Before this experiment began Stan checked both the videocamera and the digital to make sure both were set to the correct date and time. As you watch Stan's videotape of this third session (see video clip above) you can clearly see both the date and time-stamp on the video clip itself -- and both are accurate.

You can also clearly see that Robbert takes only 3 photos in about 6-7 seconds overall, and you can hear the "click" of the digital camera as Robbert takes each shot. But when one examines the "file info" section of each of the digital photos -- where the time-stamps have been registered by the camera automatically -- here is where the time aberation becomes evident. The dates on each photo are correct (April 14, 2012), but look at the time-stamps:

Photo #1 (Dave Chorley)
Photo #2 (Pat Delgado)
Photo #3 (Stan w/video)
taken @ 03.21.04 am
taken @ 03.28.58 am
taken @ 03.55.45 am

And yet we know -- from Stan's videotaped evidence (and also Robbert's and Stan's testimony) -- that this third videotaping session did not begin until 5:56 am. We also know that all 3 photos were taken in a time-span of no more than 7 seconds total. The digital photos were NOT taken at 3:21, 3:28 and 3:55am, but at 5:57am. And the 3 photos were NOT taken over the 34 minutes and 21 seconds time-period indicated in the "file info" section of the digital images themselves -- they were all taken within 6-7 seconds.

Also, as can be clearly seen on the videotape of this 3rd session (above), none of the 3 images which appeared on Robbert's digital camera were visible to, or recorded by, the videocamera. The videocamera shows only Robbert taking the 3 photos. (To see the entire videoclip of Session #3 -- in Dutch -- see the clip posted on Robbert's web-site:

The easiest way to deal with these discrepancies is to simply dismiss the testimony of both Robbert and Stan. However, there are precedents for strange "time" effects on photos related to both Robbert's case and the crop circle phenomenon generally -- perhaps reflecting an energetic influence on the mechanical functioning of various cameras used by Robbert (and others) when photographing in and near crop circles or in circumstances related in one way or another to the circle phenomenon.

Readers may remember a photo included in our earlier "Light Phenomena" Photos report ( taken in 1991 by John Holman.

John Holman's 35mm Film Sht of Crop Formation at West Woods, UK (1991)

In the top center portion of this photo the crop circle itself, the people inside it and the trees on the left side and at the end of the field behind the circle are all duplicated -- and most peculiar is the fact that the people are seen in two different poses, as if they were caught in two distinctly different moments in time.

The extreme left of the photo, as well as most of the right side and the entire lower section of the photo show no aberrations at all -- these areas are all in focus. An analysis of the photo by J. Marshall Dudley revealed what he determined to be both a "time and space" anomaly, clearly affecting only this center section of the photo that contains the crop circle and the people inside it. For Dudley's analysis, see:

Also, I have for many years reported a wide range of highly anomalous camera malfunctions when Robbert has been using my camera, some of which our M.I.T.-trained photo analyst's work suggests might be a time distortion effect:

And in June of 2011 Dutch crop circle researcher Bert Janssen discovered another indication of time distortion in a series of photos taken by Robbert while using Bert's camera. As is a frequent occurrence when Robbert is using anyone else's camera, the "automatic" numbering system of the camera does not function properly. In this case one photo (#1319) on Bert's camera appeared to be missing altogether on the digital chip.

However, when Bert examined the whole series of photos carefully he discovered that photo #1319 did exist, but was positioned at the very end of the photo series taken by Robbert -- not only out of sequence, but also replicated exactly in photo #1332. Further, he saw that the photo labeled as #1319 was time-stamped as having been taken at 22:34 hours when it could not possibly have been taken so late, since Bert had left the field by then and was on his way home -- #1319 had to have been taken at 20:34 hours instead, 2 hours earlier than the time-stamp indicated when the image is labeled as #1319.

And finally the last photo in the series, labeled #1332, was time-stamped as having been taken at 20:48 -- a time that accurately represents the end of the period of time during which Robbert was using Bert's camera.

Photos #1319 & #1332 with original time stamps (in black) and correct
time-stamps (in red) from Bert Janssen's camera chip.

To view a larger version of these images, see Robbert's web-site:

As more analyses of some of Robbert's photos and videos are carried out, we may perhaps gather enough data to better understand how and why these strange effects occur. At the moment it seems quite possible that these "energies" Robbert experiences as being present may be causing at least some of the technological oddities we constantly observe.

Or it may be, as Robbert believes, that our ordinary concept of "time" really is an illusion (as we are now also told by modern physics), and that once people experience this "cosmic consciousness" behind not just the circle phenomenon but life itself, our understanding of reality will change forever.

Although Robbert's web-site is primarily in Dutch at the moment, there will eventually be some translations in English added. In the meantime many video clips and photos already posted are available for everybody to examine:

It's no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction.
Fiction has to make sense.
--- Mark Twain