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Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.
Cambridge, MA (USA)

© 2006, BLT Research Team Inc.
All rights reserved.
Photos/illustrations cannot be reproduced
in any media except with written permission
from the photographer or illustrator.

Primary Witness:Robbert van den Broeke
Secondary Witness: Nancy Talbott
Event Date: October 19-20, 2006
Event Time: 11:45pm - 12:15am
Location: Field on outskirts of Hoeven, Holland
Weather: Cool (low 50s Farenheit), clear sky, no precipitation
Crop: Grasses

Madelon v/d Broeke, standing in one of the four 1-1/2m diameter circles placed around 6m diameter center circle on morning of 20 Oct. 2006.
Photo & Measurements: © Peter van den Broeke

March, 2012 - UPDATE

In the years since this report was posted we have learned that some of the apparent photo "anomalies" presented here can be deliberately created -- in particular the large pink light-balls & brilliant white or yellowish light stripes along the edges or corners of the photos.

Depending on the cameras used and the position of the flash relative to the lens, as well as the positioning of the photographer's hands -- we now realize that some of these "light anomalies" could be explained.

Neither Robbert nor I have ever tried to create these effects -- but since we have learned that such effects can be created deliberately, we caution readers to keep in mind that some of these photos may have been inadvertently caused by inappropriate handling of our cameras and, if so, are not then "anomalous" at all.

Some background information about the primary witness, Robbert van den Broeke, will help those unacquainted with his situation to better understand this report.

More than 10 years ago Robbert (now 26 years old), whose home is on the outskirts of the rural village of Hoeven in southern Holland, experienced his first encounter with the crop circle phenomenon. While riding his bicycle one afternoon along the dikes which line the farm-fields in this area, he observed a group of bright light-balls (BOLs) spinning over a particular field nearby. He stopped to watch the strange event and, as he walked along the edge of the dike, he saw one of the light-balls detach itself from the rotating group and dive down toward the ground. This ball of light made a noise as it went into the ground, which Robbert describes as being similar to the sizzling noise frozen potatoes make when they are dumped into hot oil--or the crackling noise of static electricity we hear when we pull a woolen sweater up over our head suddenly. As he walked to the place where he had seen the BOL enter the ground he discovered a crop circle, the first he had ever seen.

Curious, he returned to the same location over subsequent weeks and again witnessed a group of bright, spinning light-balls in the same area--but this time a BOL detached itself from the group and approached him, rotating around his head. As this light-ball circled his head he apparently fainted, but awoke later to find himself lying inside a newly-flattened area of plants. This time the crop circle had formed directly around his body.

Since that summer Robbert has witnessed (and his father, Peter van den Broeke has carefully documented) dozens of crop circles forming in the fields around Hoeven, many times in the large field directly behind his family's home. These formations occur in many different crops, including maize, stringbeans and mustard seed as well as the more typical wheat or barley or grasses, and include simple circles as well as more complex designs, some of which have incorporated straight pathways as part of the overall design.

This field is clearly visible from Robbert's bedroom windows and the small balcony outside. On many occasions when circles have formed in this field, particularly when they have occurred at night but also occasionally during the daytime, Robbert has visually observed light-balls of various sizes, shapes, colors and behaviors which appear to be directly related to the creation of the new formation. In some cases he has observed only brief flashes of light, or brilliant tubes of light (see BLT "Eyewitness Reports," Case #1), and in a very few instances objects in the sky which he thought might be appropriately termed "UFOs."

In a number of the crop circle events Mr. v/d Broeke and/or myself have sampled the plants and/or soils of new formations for examination by Michigan biophysicist W.C. Levengood, following the same sampling protocols carried out by BLT field-teams in many other countries. The laboratory results obtained from these samples (Lab reports to be posted on the BLT web-site soon) have regularly revealed plant changes consistent with those observed in crop circle plants all over the world. In one case in particular--in which Robbert had witnessed a "pinkish-purple" light ball coming in over the field, then becoming stationary and expanding into a disc-shaped light, and finally discharging an "energy, like the Shuttle" down to the crop surface at which time a new crop circle appeared--the node length changes documented in these plants were the most extreme ever found.

It is important to note that, in this case, these extreme node length changes were obtained not only by BLT, but also by an unrelated physicist in the Netherlands, Dr. Eltjo Haselhoff, whose interest in the phenomenon motivated him to carry out his own node length measurements independently. Although Levengood and Haselhoff interpret their data slightly differently, both scientists not only documented the same extreme node length changes, they both interpret these node length changes as resulting from exposure of the plants to an electromagnetic energy source.

On a number of occasions Robbert has become aware of a new crop circle forming in "visions" which he experiences while in his bed asleep, perhaps in a dream-state of some kind. These visions are very clear, providing him with precise details of the design and location of the new circle, it's size, the crop in which it has occurred, etc. Upon awakening (usually in the middle of the night) he customarily immediately informs his parents of the experience and, once daybreak has occurred, his father drives to the location indicated in Robbert's vision, always discovering in the fields exactly what Robbert has described.

On a few occasions when Robbert has "seen" a new crop circle occurring in one of these "visions" his parents have observed mud on the cuffs of his pants and on his shoes when he has awakened them to report the new circle--as if he had been physically present at the field. Robbert has also reported sensations of flying through the air on some of these occasions, or of hovering over the field in question. However, the fields involved in many of these instances have been too far away from the v/d Broeke home for Robbert to have gotten to them, and then returned, in the time elapsed between his going to bed and subsequently awakening his parents to report the new event.

Robbert does not drive a car and, until recently, has had only a bicycle for transportation. As is his family's custom, the house is securely locked each night and Robbert's bicycle is kept inside the garage. The entrance to the garage is immediately outside the parents' bedroom window and the garage door makes considerable noise when opened. These practical considerations, in conjunction with the literally hundreds on other bizarre events which occur regularly in Robbert's environment (events which are regularly witnessed by other members of the family as well as individuals not directly related) rule out any likelihood that Robbert is imagining these experiences, sleep-walking, or simply lying.

Having myself witnessed first-hand over many years (as well as documenting photographically) multiple very dramatic phenomena while visiting the v/d Broeke home, I personally have no doubts about the veracity of Robbert's reports. And, so, this 2006 crop circle occurring in front of us did not seem as unusual to me as it otherwise would have.

Robbert and I routinely spend time together out in the fields near Hoeven, both in the daytime and at night. Generally we are just enjoying each other's company and have no particular expectations for that afternoon or evening. We almost always take our digital cameras (and I also often carry a film camera) and take photographs in the fields from time-to-time, in a fairly random fashion. Normally we do not observe anything unusual visually (there are some notable exceptions), but each year we do obtain unexplained, and increasingly dramatic, light phenomena on both our digital cameras and on my film camera during these field visits.

On the evening of October 18th we had spent some time at a "special" field on the outskirts of Hoeven, where we often go. Both Robbert and I took many photos and, in the beginning of the evening, most of the digital shots were absolutely normal. The weather was dry and a little chilly, the sky clear. Then, as I was standing near a large tree up along the ridge of the dike, Robbert began to get strange photos:

Nancy on ridge near the "special" field (Oct. 18th). Note light streak in upper
L corner, BOLs and a color. Photo: © Robbert v/d Broeke

Large light anomaly, L side of photo--Nancy (bottom center) is standing next to the tree. Note the clarity of the photo, except in the region of the anomaly.
Photo: © Robbert v/d Broeke

Then Robbert began to get a series of photos with pinkish-purple-colored light balls, of the exact sort I had also been getting earlier that summer in France and Italy, before arriving in Holland:

Nancy (center) next to tree with pink-purpley BOLs.
Note that light anomalies are now almost surrounding
frame & that photo clarity overall has changed.
Photo: © Robbert v/d Broeke

One of Nancy's 2006 photos (in France) w/pink-purple BOLs. These began to appear on NT's photos when this man (Jean-Paul, who is interested in
spiritual matters) arrived at the site. Photo: © Nancy Talbott

On this night of Oct. 18- 19, in Holland, my first digital photos were all normal but around midnight I, too, began to get unusual photo effects: multiple photos of Robbert's face which were all softly blurred or fuzzed. This effect occurred continuously over a period of 10-15 minutes, but only when I was photographing his face (it did not occur when we put our heads together and then took a photo of both of us). And Robbert obtained the same result when he took digital photos of his own face during this time period. Below are two of my photos, the first taken with my digital camera, the second on film:

Digital close-up of Robbert's face showing pinkish-purple discoloration & fuzziness, which occurred on every photo NT took of him during 10-15
minute time-period, night of Oct. 18-19. Photo: © Nancy Talbott

Film close-up of Robbert's face, taken by NT during same time-period. Film
image is also fuzzy, but color is more normal. Time/date stamp
set for U.S. time zone. Photo: © Nancy Talbott

The following afternoon we again visited this "special" field briefly, but didn't stay very long and didn't take any photos. Since the field in which the crop circle appeared later that night was immediately adjacent to where we always park our car, we are certain that we would have seen a new crop circle if it had been there during the afternoon.

That night (Oct. 19th) we returned to this area, anticipating this time that we would get unusual photographs, since we had done so the night before. The weather was again chilly, with some wind, but dry with a clear sky. There was some dew in the fields, but the path along the edge of the fields was totally dry. Photos (below) taken that night, before the crop circle occurred, show a few of the dozens of anomalies recorded by both Robbert and myself, and also show that the weather was dry. Robbert's camera recorded some unusual white/yellow streaks and I particularly noted that, again, both he and I were getting the pink-purple BOLs and fog which had appeared on our photos the night before (and which I had repeatedly photographed in the other countries I'd visited earlier that year).

Our car parked at bridge next to "special" field, night of Oct. 19-20th.
Roadway is dry. One white BOL on R. Photo: © Nancy Talbott

Nancy on path running along the top of the dike next to "special" field night
of Oct. 19-20th. Path is dry. Are these BOLs airborne particles?
Photo: © Robbert v/d Broeke

The only visible lights were a few pinpoints of light - here strangely distorted -
in houses far to the left. Some dew is visible on grass at side of path.
Photo: © Robbert v/d Broeke

Purple and yellow light anomaly photographed near "special" field, night of
Oct. 19-20th. Photo: © Robbert v/d Broeke

One of Robbert's photos of the pink-purple BOLs night of Oct. 19-20th, shortly before new crop circle formed.
Photo: © Robbert v/d Broeke

In the hour or so before the crop circle formed I took only one photo aimed out directly over the field in which it occurred. It was an almost "normal" photo, in that there was only one light ball (upper R, the other lights are houses and farm buildings off behind the field) in it; the new crop circle appeared only about 20 ft . farther out into this field:

Field in which new crop circle formed this same night, an hour or so after this photo was taken. Photo: © Nancy Talbott

Robbert and I were becoming a little chilled and had begun to walk back along the pathway toward the car when he grabbed my arm and pointed out over the field close to the car, saying " there, there - do you see it? ," meanwhile describing a "black cloud" which he could see up over the field. He continued, then describing a "black spiral going down into the ground." I peered into the darkness in the direction he indicated and, at first, saw nothing but the blackness in front of the trees at the end of that field.

Then I did see a dark movement of something coming down into the field, just as he said he was certain a new crop circle was at that instant forming. Perhaps it is because my eyesight is not as good as his, or because he is more attuned to the crop-circle-making energy than I, but for whatever reason he could see exactly where the new formation was being created. As the spiral descended down into the ground Robbert said that he could feel "something open around his heart" and, then, that he felt as if we were suddenly in the presence of a "higher consciousness," a presence of something perhaps "telepathic," and "very sweet and gentle."

We walked down a short earthen ramp into the field and, in 10-15 seconds had reached the new crop circle. I could clearly feel the first small circle when I got to it, because the grass was flatter there and because I got a tingling feeling in my feet. We didn't have a flash-light with us, but did try to take a few photos right away.

Nancy (w/ BOLs) standing in one of the 4 small circles of new formation, immediately after it had formed. Photo: © Robbert v/d Broeke

Pink-purple BOLs over new crop circle field. Small yellow lights on L side of photo are from houses & farm buildings in back of that part of field;
here these lights seem distorted. Photo: © Nancy Talbott

The new formation consisted of 5 circles, one larger 6m diameter center circle and 4 evenly-spaced approximately 1-1/2m diameter circles placed around the perimeter of the center circle. The small circles were placed only 60- 70 cm away from the edge of the larger circle, and all the circles were gently laid anti-clockwise . We stayed inside the formation for perhaps 15-20 minutes, taking photos and discussing the "energy" we felt had been involved this time. Both of us experienced this energy as gentle and soft, somehow more typical of what we would expect in the crop circle phenomenon--and not at all aggressive, as the "tubes of light" had felt when we witnessed the 2001 crop circle occurring in the field behind Robbert's home.

Diagram of Oct. 19-20, 2006 crop circle showing overall design, lay direction and measurements. Diagram: Tommy Borms

The next morning early Robbert's father went to the field and carefully photographed and measured the new formation. The following photos are all taken by Peter on the morning of October 20th:

Overview of new crop circle. The grass was brushed over so gently that,
within a few days, it had almost totally recovered.
Photo: © Peter v/d Broeke

6m diam. center circle. Robbert & Nancy were standing in about the same location as this car when crop circle formed.
Photo: © Peter v/d Broeke

Close-up of one of the four 1-1/2m diam. smaller circles.
Photo: © Peter v/d Broeke

Another of the smaller circles. Photo: © Peter v/d Broeke

I returned to the field in the afternnon of the 20th to take a few photos with my camera and was very surprised to find someone else there, since we had told no one yet (other that Robbert's parents) about the new formation. There was a red car parked on the short ramp down into the crop circle field when I arrived and a very nice Belgian woman and her male companion were out in the field, examining the new circle. In the photos, below, you can clearly see the short distance from the ramp down to the new formation.

Belgian woman who "knew" crop circle was forming that night near Hoeven
(her red car is parked on ramp). Photo: © Nancy Talbott

Belgian woman's male companion out in field next to crop circle (grass
is already beginning to recover). Photo: © Nancy Talbott

The Belgian woman, whose name I failed to get, told an amazing story. She stated that she had awakened in the middle of the previous night, knowing that a crop circle was occurring at that moment, near Robbert, in Hoeven. She had read Mr. v/d Broeke's first book about his son and had seen Robbert on TV; she also, according to her companion, shared some of Robbert's abilities and was similarly convinced of the spiritual source of these phenomena.

She had felt the occurrence of this new formation so strongly that she felt impelled to get up and arrange with her friend to immediately make a long drive to Hoeven, although she'd never been there before. And, so, very early in the morning she had managed to find the v/d Broeke home and had spoken with Peter (while Robbert and I were still asleep). Mr. v/d Broeke confirmed for her that there had been a new formation the night before and provided her with it's location.

I regretted that Robbert was not with me this afternoon because he would have enjoyed this quiet, well-spoken lady and I know she would have liked to meet him. But Robbert has never had much interest in the documentation and measuring business, etc. We are all quite fortunate that his father regularly takes on this work, because an enormous amount of information would have been lost forever otherwise.

A few nights later (Oct. 23rd), near the end of my stay in Holland, Robbert and I went back to say "goodbye" to the field. It had rained during the previous two nights and we had stayed at home but, in spite of some rain off and on this last evening before my flight home, we decided to go anyway. The grass where the crop circle had been had almost totally recovered by then, so lightly had it been flattened, a result which we welcomed since there are farmers in the Hoeven area who do not like the circles in their fields. Even though I was right by Robbert's side the whole night it occurred (and know he didn't flatten this formation) we both felt better realizing that it was unlikely, this particular time, that the farmer would ever see the new formation which had appeared in his field.

What follows are just a few of the anomalous photos we took that last night (Oct. 23rd), many of them while Robbert was singing "Purple Rain" (because we had gotten so many purpley light balls that year). He was not trying very hard, at first, to sing the song properly, but I urged him to "sing it right" and he then did--at which point I began photographing purple light balls everywhere. We joked about whether his singing this song had anything to do with the photos we were getting--the idea seems outrageous. But the fact remains that there were purple BOLs in many of these photos, a color of photo anomaly neither one of us had seen before.

One of several very bright "streaks" running down side of photo (Oct. 23, 2006). Photo: © Robbert v/d Broeke

Another bright streak along edge of photo, but this time with 2 large BOLs
(Oct. 23, 2006). Photo: © N. Talbott & R. v/d Broeke

Two orangey-purple light balls. Not sure which one of us took some of these (Oct. 23, 2006). Photo: © N. Talbott & R. v/d Broeke

Multiple pink, purple and white BOLs, some which appear to be moving
(Oct. 23, 2006). Photo: © N. Talbott & R. v/d Broeke

A really purple BOL which appeared when Robbert began singing Purple Rain
in earnest (Oct. 23, 2006). Photo: © Nancy Talbott

Finally, as we were getting ready to leave, two big orangey-colored light balls suddenly started appearing on my digital screen. The first clear photo of them occurred when I was still standing near the top of the ramp overlooking the cropcircle field--and then, as Robbert and I turned to go back to the car, they stayed with us. These 2 really big orangey BOLs followed us right up to the car, with me photographing them almost continually, even when we were in the car and had started the engine. Although neither Robbert or I could see them with our eyes, the camera captured them until I finally put it down and actually drove away.

Two orangey-colored BOLs, mixed in with the purple, are photographed at edge of crop circle field as we turn to go back to our car. Photo: © Nancy Talbott

Orange BOLs appear to be coming right with us as we walk back toward car. Photo: © Nancy Talbott

Orange BOLs now mixed in with dozens of pink & purple ones right outside car. Photo: © Nancy Talbott

Orange & purple BOLs outside driver's side window, as NT starts car engine. Photo: © Nancy Talbott

I have known Robbert for nearly 10 years and have, by now, witnessed so many inexplicable events in his company that I am no longer as startled as I once was. Under notably strange circumstances I do my best to try and observe carefully, take notes, ask questions and try whatever experiment I or Robbert can think of which seems appropriate in the current situation. I feel fortunate to experience some of these events first-hand, not least because it helps me comprehend other events which I constantly hear about, both from Robbert and many other sources.

But when it comes to providing explanations, I'm pretty much at a loss. What I do know is that these events around Robbert are "real," in the sense that they occur in our physical world (if only, in some cases, to the extent of being able to be photographed) and that in many of these situations he or I or others can see or hear or feel what's taking place with our eyes, ears or bodies.

My impression, at this point in time, is that Robbert is functioning as some sort of a conduit to other "dimensions" or realities and, further, that the ancient concept of an "Akashic Field" seems more and more plausible. For those people who think that Robbert is somehow "engineering" these events, please be aware that I have repeatedly observed Robbert to jump every bit as high as I have when one or another of these startling events occurs in our mutual presence. It is very clear to me that in these cases, at least, he has had no more warning than I that something unbelievably strange was about to occur.

If Robbert is a "conduit" to some other aspect or realm of reality (a pipe-line of sorts which is becoming more and more open as the years go by), I have to wonder if he has any control over what comes through? If the public is ever presented with even one-tenth of the utterly bizarre photographs Robbert has taken day after day, week after week, year after year since his mid-teens, my question will be understood to be reasonable. From the truly massive array of events which have been directly centered around him and/or the v/d Broeke family (most of which are completely unknown to the public), this very much appears to me to be a possibility.

Robbert v/d Broeke's case is an incredible opportunity for those who are looking for more complete paradigms, new frameworks for understanding the world around us. As I write this, three more highly-trained scientists have recently agreed to lend their expertise to one or another of the BLT projects, inspiring me with new energy for 2007 and the work that lies ahead.


© 2006 BLT Research Team Inc.
All Rights Reserved
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BLT Research Team Inc.


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